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Investing in a professional makeup artist for your session

Today I’m doing this blog post just a little differently! I asked two of my beautiful clients for feedback on getting their professional makeup done with Katelyn Brown of Makeup by Kate because we all know how much I LOVE her but I wanted to express to you all how much others do as well! Professional makeup for a session is more important than most people think, I totally understand that sometimes your budget might not allow it but if you’re able to its an investment into your session that you’re sure to love!

I asked one of my 2017 Seniors, Jennifer, about her experience with Katelyn and this girl had the best answer ever!

“I definitely recommend getting professional makeup done for senior sessions. I LOVED getting it done by Kate and it made me feel so much better knowing someone who actually knows how to do makeup professionally and the fact that she was doing it for me. Everyone wants their sessions to be perfect and getting makeup done totally helps lessen the stress. Also just getting the whole experience of getting my makeup and hair done was awesome, then going into my pictures made me a lot more confident in how I looked for them!” – Jenny

Next, I asked Jillian how her experience was with Katelyn and I seriously can’t get over how heartwarming and thoughtful her response was!! Allll the feels!

“What a special time it is; being engaged to your best friend and knowing that he’s the man you will spend the rest of your life with!

I could not wait to FINALLY have a professional engagement shoot done! Choosing my photographer was an easy, no-brainer; Jessica Husted!

Once the shoot was booked, numerous things flooded into my mind.

What am I going to wear?!

            How am I going to style my hair?!

            Who is going to do my make-up?!

Looking back at the shoot, the one thing that stands out most, in my mind, was the make-up. Fortunately for me, I had Katelyn Brown, owner of Makeup by Kate, do my make-up application the afternoon of my shoot. Not only did the make-up look stunning, but it gave me such a boost of confidence, which translated into our pictures.

Some people are under the misconception that having your make-up professionally done will look too heavy or unnatural. The application that Kate did for me not only looked natural, but photographed so well in all lighting.

Personally, my favorite part of the make-up application was the eyes. Your eyes are the focal point in photographs (other than your engagement ring) & Kate really drew attention to my eyes, which is evident by the photographs.

These pictures will forever hang on my wall for my family, friends and someday children to see. I am so happy that I made the decision to have a professional make-up application and had the best photographer.

Ladies, you won’t regret having your make-up done. What girl doesn’t love a little extra attention, especially on such an exciting day!”

A few things that you don’t have to worry about if you take the leap and invest in a professional makeup artist:

  1. You NEVER have to worry about how your makeup will show up on camera because professional makeup artist’s know exactly what they need to use and do in order for your face to be perfectly highlighted when it’s captured on camera!
  2. Hellllloo to NO stress, no sitting in your sink, no over analyzing if you should learn how to put fake lashes on or not! 😉
  3. You will feel SO incredibly pampered getting your makeup done, I am certain it’s all about the experience and there’s nothing better than showing up knowing all attention will be on you!
  4. It will last much longer which is key in a situation like this! Sessions with me last 2 hours and it’s so important that your makeup stays in place!
  5. Did someone say confidence booster? I believe this is my FAVORITE thing about getting professional makeup done! The first time you take a glimpse at yourself in the mirror I can only bet you start to feel like Queen Bee which will show in all of your portraits!


To view more of Katelyn’s work and book an appointment with her head here: Makeup by Kate
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